TrackMyNAV is a smartphone app that fund managers using Eagle Investment Systems’ investment accounting platform can use to view the status of daily processing of their mutual fund portfolios on a real-time basis.

Track My NAV displays information relating to daily life-cycle of mutual fund portfolios processed within Eagle, an industry leading investment accounting platform developed by Eagle Investment Systems LLC Track My NAV performs a series of validations on a fund’s transactions and daily net asset value (NAV), and presents potential exceptions to end users in a dashboard form. An Eagle user can now securely access pertinent fund data on their iPad® and iPhone® through the Track My NAV app, enabling fund professionals to stay up-to-date on key fund accounting activities while away from their desk or out of the office.

The following information can be monitored on a real-time basis:

Daily Transactions
Daily Pricing and Valuations
Daily Reconciliations
NAV Calculation, NAV Impacts, & NAV Validations
NASDAQ Transmission Status

Authorized users can track the status of the daily accounting operation, showing the number of records passed along with potential exceptions during any point in the business day, at the fund or fund group level. The users can also drill down to view details of validation results for various Eagle system generated edits. The Track My NAV app leverages Eagle’s existing user management and entitlements, allowing only users with proper portfolio permission to view results.

Connect using WiFi or Cellular Data plan if your server is reachable through a secure Internet connection. You may also connect using a VPN connection from your device to your corporate network.
To configure your server to work with Track My NAV, please contact us at

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