TrackMyStop is a Navigation-based app for making your train journey easy, safe and relaxing. Using TrackMyStop you can select your destination station and an alert distance. During your travel, TrackMyStop uses the GPS location of your device and keeps you informed about the remaining distance to your destination.

TrackMyStop alerts you when the distance between your current location and the destination is within a radius of less than the alert distance you have selected. The alert is provided as an audible alarm along with vibrations, if supported on your device.

TrackMyStop provides the following information to the user:

Which major stations are on your train route,
How far your destination is,
What cities you are traveling through,
How fast your train is going (whenever speed can be tracked).

TrackMyStop also allows you to send SMS messages to your family, friends or a taxi cab driver, who are giving you a ride from your destination station. You can also use this feature to let your family know that you have reached your destination safely